"Adventure is out there!"

When I stepped away from a moderately successful musical career in late 2004, I never imagined that "taking a little break from all that" would last over a decade. Even after more than ten years in the Florida Keys re-discovering who I really was and what I wanted out of life (not to mention what exactly it was that I had to offer) I still wasn't ready to revisit those dark places and sometimes darker deeds.

I've learned that there's a lot more to life than looking back at what once was or might have been. Instead I've chosen to focus on what lies ahead. Every day brings a new adventure. Some far from home, others right in my own backyard.

The world is an amazing place. There's always more to see, more to learn...and more to share. Every day is gift. Sometimes I have trouble remembering that and that the only way to truly enjoy that gift is to spread it around and pay it forward.