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Greetings and welcome to my website. While most know me as the former frontman/singer/songwriter for the Electric Hellfire Club and/or a Magister in the Church of Satan, my life and art have grown in different directions - often exploring similar themes in new mediums

Needful Things and Necessary Evils



Excerpt from "Diabolical Machinations - My First and Last Meeting with Anton LaVey"

I went to this meeting with many questions about who and what Anton Szandor LaVey really was; all of which were answered within the first few minutes. The media and other mischievous entities have consistently attempted to paint a picture of LaVey as a hater of rock music and rock musicians, a crotchety old man who denied any connection to this new generation of Satanists and that which they create. On the contrary, he knew that he had played an instrumental role in the insemination of Satanic images, themes, and in some instances philosophy into popular culture, rock music included. From Venom to Deicide, Marilyn Manson to The Electric Hellfire Club, we have all been touched by his words and his wisdom. There is no doubt in my mind that he was aware of what he had spawned through his work. He was our father, and we are his children. He would no sooner reject or deny us than he would his own son.

                He lived many lives, and I am to this day grateful that I had this brief opportunity to learn from his experiences in person. Nonetheless, I have said before and will say again: Dr. LaVey wrote just as he spoke. Every time I read something he wrote, I can hear him speaking. He lives on through that which he has left us. He will continue to speak for years to come, decades, perhaps even centuries. That choice is ours. The torch has been passed. The future is in our hands.


Breakfast at the Bramford

January 20, 2020

Originally published in Bon Appetit: Stories & Recipes for Human Consumption - an anthology of cannibalism-related tales released by Long Pig Press on Halloween 2017, Breakfast at the Bramford will soon be available in a limited, illustrated collector's edition.

Using the brief mention in Rosemary's Baby of "two proper Victorian ladies who cooked and ate several young children including a niece" as a starting point, I created a back-story for the Trench Sisters that not only explains their culinary experiments, but connects their misdeeds to the coven of Adrian Marcato.


"Satan is the scarecrow
of the religious cornfield.”

- Thomas Edison


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